update log

Site created on: Mar 13, 2022

this page exists only as a construction place as the creator (me) has no idea what they're doing

May 3, I finally figured out how to make multiple pages. It seems so obvious now.

July 13, I made a Cat Shrine page and edited the About Me page to have some of my flags on there. Also made my interests page.

October 28, I haven't touched this site in WAY too long oops. I've been playing around with a layout and tried updating my 'about me' (though it seems to be lagging?)

November 7, haven't done a bunch, just removed some things here and there.

January 4 (2023), HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! my friend Shamsi created their own neocities which has inspired me to keep working on this. i have updated the music page a little + i'm actually trying to figure out CSS styling now. which sucks ass but i'm getting somewhere. ish. i have a lot of pages that i'm working on though that i haven't published yet but when i polish them up i'll link them :]

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